About Us

Empowering Our Sustainable Future

Transportation is an essential part of everyday life. It has reinvented the way we do business and given us the freedom to travel farther than ever before—but this has come at a price. To reduce transport’s impact on the environment that is CO2 emission, electric mobility must be embraced by everyone. Businesses play a key role in making this happen.

As charging needs evolve, we’ll continue providing the infrastructure and expertise needed to adopt electric mobility—along with all the support to keep customers happy and vehicles on the move. Working together, we can shape a sustainable future of transportation that’s better for everyone.

“E revolution”

We can all contribute to the climate through smart solutions. Electric driving, for example, means cleaner and more economical driving. No particulate matter is emitted and electricity is cheaper than fossil fuels. So the choice is yours, because “E revolution”. At TECTONIC we are committed to making that choice as easy as possible for you. We do this by continuously innovating: better and even more beautiful charging points. In doing so, we use maximum willpower, among other things through our “jump-out powers”. Team members who prove their unprecedented value with above-average efforts every day. Because at TECTONIC everyone who wants to stand out in one way or another part of this “E revolution”.

Certainties of Tectonic power

  • Tectonic uses the latest techniques and design for you to active the very best.
  • We believe in an inclusive society. Everyone has talent, everyone is special and everyone participate.
  • Always the easiest to install charging solution with a minimum of service and maintenance.
  • 24/7 Tectonic support via the helpdesk for immediate handling and settlement.
  • Certified Products

Tectonic Certainties

Certified Installers

Certified installers provide a safe and fast installation at your location.


Service & Maintenance

We provide maintenance and repair on the charging product you have purchased. Extended warranty is possible.


24/7 Tectonic Support

Tectonic offers 24/7 support for questions, for remote troubleshooting and maintenance.


Easy Management

Easily manage your billing and power consumption for both private and public charging sessions.

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Together At Tectonic Power

Within Tectonic power we believe in an inclusive society. Everyone has talent, everyone is special and everyone participates. By empowering people, an unprecedented amount can be achieved. Together we make tectonic power special. Special for you, because we keep focus on your interests: getting everything possible from your charging point. To this end, we have team members within the development & engineering, purchasing & assembly, quality control, transport & assembly, communication and sales departments.

Partner With Us   

Arranged in 4 Simple Steps

Free Consultation

Via our helpdesk - +91 70168 08092 we would like to inform you about the specifics based on your situation and expectation


The consumer will receive a concrete proposal as soon as possible via our sales executive. The information provided by you and recommend execution.

Location Check

After providing your postal code, our execution team will possibly check all the options for implanting the EV station at your place.


After disclosing the discussion regarding the charging station plantation and an official PO against the quotation has been released the installation of your charger will be planned and executed as early as possible.